15+ Bedroom Paint Colors Designers Swear By

爱博体育下载Stylish hues for a peaceful retreat.

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A bedroom should be designed for rest and relaxation, and choosing the right paint color can help make that happen. For a peaceful and tranquil bedroom, top interior designers rely on a stylish selection of paint colors and design ideas. See their favorite paint choices below and get inspired to make your own bedroom the retreat of your dreams.

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1 "Skylight" by Farrow & Ball
Sphere, Circle, Oval, Ball, Ball, Ceiling,
Farrow & Ball

"I love this color for a bedroom, it can look fresh and clean with whites and grays or green accents. I also tend to pair it with rich chocolate brown accents when I am going for a moody look." —Liz Caan,

2 "Nosegay" by Benjamin Moore
Sphere, Circle, Ball, Ball, Oval,
Benjamin Moore

"One of my favorite bedroom paint colors is Benjamin Moore's 'Nosegay.' The color sets a soft and dreamy tone in a bedroom. It feels happy yet calm, which is ideal for a space where clients are looking for comfort and come to wind down." —Gideon Mendelson,

3 "Salon Drab" by Farrow & Ball
salon drab farrow & ball
Farrow & Ball

"It's very warm and sophisticated. I would describe it as a moody color that has a very calming effect. It works extremely well with gold picture frames and brass hardware. A good color to pair it with is 'Light Gray' by Farrow & Ball on all millwork." —Alexander Doherty,

4 "Blueberry" by Benjamin Moore
Blue, Aqua, Turquoise, Cobalt blue, Circle, Teal, Azure, Electric blue, Sphere, Oval,
Benjamin Moore

"One of our favorite colors to paint bedrooms, especially kids rooms, is Blueberry by Benjamin Moore. Often times, we like to paint bedrooms dark colors and add light furniture to deceive the eye into thinking the room is both bigger and contains more natural light."—Caroline Grant, Dekar Design

5 "White Heron" by Benjamin Moore
White, Sphere, Circle, Ceiling, Ball, Ball, Oval,
Benjamin Moore

"I love this color. It’s a dreamy marshmallow white
that is crisp and fresh but with subtle warm undertones. We’ve used this color in country and city homes. The trick is to carry it through-out the spaces as the primary backdrop allowing for the art, textures and furnishings to pop." —Kevin Dumais,

6 "Amazing Gray" by Sherwin Williams
Sherwin Williams

"This is that perfect warm gray that changes with the light. It’s soothing and restful but far from boring."—Kelly Allen,

7 "Skylight" by Farrow & Ball
Farrow & Ball

"This very pale blue gray looks gorgeous with white linen curtains to create a soothing, zen bedroom oasis."—

8 "Elephant's Breath" by Farrow & Ball
Farrow & Ball

"I love using this shade because it has has a touch of dusky pink in the gray base, a very flattering but subtle color for bedrooms."—

9 "Chantilly Lace" by Benjamin Moore
Katja Cho/Benjamin Moore

"It feels clean and bright without being cold or ‘dormy’." Melanie Burstin,

10 "Setting Plaster" by Farrow & Ball
Katja Cho/Farrow & Ball

"Setting Plaster is millennial pink-adjacent, and as such, is very on trend at the moment. But beyond that, the hue is calming and serene, which is everything that I look for in a bedroom. When it comes to where you're going to sleep at night, I always advise going with less contrast and more tonality." —Justin DiPiero,

11 "#16 Roussillon" by Arte Constructo
Katja Cho/Arte Constructo

"I used this lime paint for a sun-filled master bedroom in a beach house. The color is #16 Roussillon on the chart. The subtle movement of lime paint brings back an old-world feeling, and the way it reflects the light is so pretty. It looks great in contrast with clean white painted trim and floors. But it also looks beautiful against rustic reclaimed oak beams and bronze metal shelves in another setting." —Mia Jung,

12 "Gotham" by Benjamin Moore
Katja Cho/Benjamin Moore

"There's a feeling of fall in the air, and for the weekends made for staying in bed all morning, I adore Gotham, from the Color Stories collection. It's urban, chic, dramatic, and cozy, and can be very versatile if the design calls for something rich and dark." —Margo Nathanson,

13 "Flower Box" by Benjamin Moore
Katja Cho/Benjamin Moore

"Flower Box is a unisex slate blue with a hint of lavender that is soothing at bedtime and energizing in morning light. It’s also soft enough not to offend clients who have grown accustomed to neutral wall colors. I love it paired with cream upholstery, dark stained woods, and even bright accents like a tangerine trim on white bed linens. " Ross Cooper,

14 "Mindful Gray" by Sherwin-Williams
Katja Cho/Sherwin-Williams

"This color is a great choice because there’s potential to make it serene and calm or playful and bright, depending on the bedding and accessories you choose." —Taniya Nayak,

15 "Swiss Coffee" by Dunn Edwards
Katja Cho/Dunn Edwards

"I personally love black paired with Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee. It is dramatic and neutral enough to go with everything. I even used it in my own bedroom." —Coryne Lovick,

16 "Gentleman's Gray" by Benjamin Moore
Katja Cho/Benjamin Moore

“I love this blue-gray color for bedrooms. To me, blue in a bedroom is soothing. I also gravitate toward dark colors for bedrooms, it makes the room feel like a cocoon—a place to snuggle in for the night. This color checks both of those boxes, and the paint name Gentleman’s Gray is equally cool!” —Jay Jeffers,

17 "Calm" by Benjamin Moore
Katja Cho/Benjamin Moore

"What could be more appropriate in one's bedroom retreat than the feeling of calm, promoting quiet, reflective and relaxing moments." —Dayna Dabek,

18 "Nightingale" by Benjamin Moore
Katja Cho/Benjamin Moore

“The starting point to creating a sophisticated, moody bedroom is always the paint color. I love hue—it’s a beautiful gray with plum undertones and depth for days! Perfect for setting the tone for a layered, luxe boudoir.” —Jennifer Jones,

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